Our 2nd West Coast Skids4Kids is all ready to go in 2024, being held on Saturday the 27th April, which will definitely be a massive event full of killer skids and good times 💪💪💪

West Coast Skids4Kids is an event that all proceeds will be donated to charity that will support the kids of WA, and I repeat all proceeds will be donated! So, what better than that, you can watch/compete in the skid comp, and your helping the sick kids of WA at the same time!

We all hope that you will be ready for all the tyre frying mayhem that happens on the Wanneroo Raceway burnout pad, so be sure to watch out for the announcements as we get closer to the event!!

Remember that this event is catering for all makes and models of cars, so don’t be shy and bring out all the rigs and show what you can do on the Wanneroo burnout pad!!

So be sure to spread the word on Skids4Kids #2, click on GOING and SHARE the event, invite everyone you know, and get everyone to come along to enjoy the event!
Event Page Via Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/918306003226234?ref=newsfeed


West Coast Commodores Car Club Inc

Saturday 27th April 2024 Commencing at 12:00pm


EVENT REGULATIONS: This event will be conducted under the National Competition Rules (NCR’s) of the Australian Auto Sport Alliance Pty Ltd (AASA), these supplementary regulations, and any further regulations and bulletins which may be issued.

By entering this event, you agree to comply with these regulations.

The Burn Out is a 90 second timed activity which permits vehicles to leave the start line with as much wheel spin as desired for the duration of the course.

1. START: The Event will commence at approximately 12:00pm on Saturday 27th April 2024.

2. PERSON ELIGIBLE: The event shall be open to persons who hold a current Driver Licence.

3. VEHICLES ELIGIBLE: Entries will be accepted at the discretion of the organisers. Entry numbers limited to 50 Vehicles. To ensure a place in the competition please enter your vehicle as soon as possible.

4. SCRUTINEERING: Scrutineering commences on Saturday 27th April 2024 from 10am. Scrutineering will be held in the scrutineering building. Scrutineering will close at 6pm sharp.

5. DRIVER’S BRIEFING: Drivers briefing will be conducted during the scrutineering process and also prior to entering the pad.

6. AWARDS: Trophies & prizes will be awarded to the winners at the discretion of the organisers.

7. DETERMINATION OF WINNERS: The result will be determined by 3 official judges chosen from different areas to ensure a fair competition.

8. RUNS: Each vehicle will be judged on their first run – additional runs may be available(non judged), depending on time available during and after all competition burnouts are completed, these additional runs will be called expression session burnouts

APPAREL & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: Drivers must wear: · A helmet that complies with AS1698. · Fully enclosed footwear. Prohibited are for example – thongs, roman sandals and nylon sneakers · Goggles or visors with lens other than glass (AS1609-1981) in open cars · Long sleeve shirt / long trousers / full shoes (non-flammable) minimum. ·

Methanol fuelled cars, drivers are strongly advised to wear full racing suit for the event but this isn’t mandatory ·

All participants must produce a current driver’s license, and their AASA General Speed license. ·

No consumption of alcohol will be permitted in the 12 hours prior to the event.

Breathalyser testing may be conducted with any participant returning a measurable reading being excluded.

· General safety check will be undertaken before vehicle is allowed to compete.

· A AASA general licence must be current to compete in this event. Available online at www.aasa.com.au

The drivers and any passenger seating positions must have a securely mounted and approved seat belt fitted.

· All doors must have secure locking mechanisms.

· The fuel tank, if not original, is to be of professional construction standard and securely mounted.

· Bonnets must be fitted and secured, also front mudguards should also be fitted.

· No fluid to be placed on drive wheels by either manual or mechanical means.

· All wheels must have all wheel nuts/studs fitted and secured.

· All wheel weights must be removed from drive wheels.

· No dress rims or hubcaps to be fitted.

· Battery must be securely mounted.

· Any supercharged vehicles must be fitted with a belt guard.

· A general safety check will also be performed. Official’s word is final. Non-compliance will result in removal.

To ensure burnout competition starts at 12pm please have all relevant paperwork completed prior to arrival.

Armbands issued as per entry details at scrutineering. 4 additional armbands are available other then drivers armband

You are required to be at scrutineering before 6:00pm. Follow officials instructions as required to expedite check-in.

Pit crew area for tyre changes etc in pit area.

Under 12s not allowed in pit area

Pit crew only allowed at start line on officials’ authority.

PLEASE NOTE: All persons wanting to serve as Pit/Service crew MUST sign the forms provided.

No refunds after 31st March 2024

ENTRIES CLOSE : once 100 spots are filled

Please email the club at westcoastcommodores@gmail.com for details


Please fill in the below form to enter skids4kids … this does not guarantee your entry until you pay

All pit crew to be entered on the form – even if they haven’t arrived yet to ensure spots are not filled without authority of the driver

A AASA general speed license must be current to compete in this event. Available online at www.aasa.com.au , you will need to present this license at scrutineering.

Please send your entry fee to the below account Entry cost : $80

Account name : west coast commodores

BSB : 036072

ACC : 230176

Use your name and rego plate as reference #

Email westcoastcommodores@gmail.com with proof once payment is completed

Fill in this form to enter Skids For Kids ! –